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The TRANSFRIGO group is interested in collaborating with young and experienced specialists in the field of freight transport, customs services and insurance. Our personnel policy provides for attracting employees oriented towards new heights in business, in order to form a unique team together. You will like to work with us if you are sociable, with initiative and you are ready to participate directly in decision making.

We offer for over 7 years profile services for business representatives in our country and abroad, being a stable company, a reliable partner and a conscientious employer. We show respect for those who contribute to the development of the TRANSFRIGO company group and we are ready to offer opportunities for professional growth to all our new colleagues. We are open to discuss the realization of new approaches and ideas, which will contribute to reaching new horizons in our business.

TRANSFRIGO’s group has created conditions for each new employee to become an important part of our large and friendly team, to be full of optimism, to constantly feel the support of colleagues and to be able to fully reveal their business skills and talents. We pay special attention to the training and professional mastery of our employees. We organize weekly consultations, which contribute to strengthening skills, improving customer interaction and working methods.

Reaching new heights together with TRANSFRIGO is very simple: choose the direction of activity you prefer, and we can help you form a career and become a true professional!

For information on vacancies, call: +373 22 46-74-26 or send your resume to transfrigo@yahoo.com.


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