“TRANSFRIGO” SRL provides services for the delivery of dangerous (ADR) cargo. Classification of dangerous goods according to the classes is made in accordance with ADR

For this kind of transportation are used vehicles tooled up with ADR equipment (means of individual protection and fire fighting) with drivers who have received special training, and permission to carry out dangerous goods.

The transport of goods considered dangerous requires increased attention both during the transport and during storage.

TRANSFRIGO SRL offers you adequate services for this type of transport, offering you a wide range of possibilities for carrying out operations in conditions of maximum security, while ensuring a short deadline for taking over / delivering the products included in the ADR category.

Thus, the company TRANSFRIGO SRL provides you with vehicles that meet all the necessary conditions to perform ADR freight transport, both in full and groupage.

Equipped in accordance with ADR standards (according to the rules of the European Agreement concerning the Transport of Dangerous Goods), well trained and specially trained.