Providing transport services, the company “TRANSFRIGO” SRL aims to protect its clients from all material risks. Therefore, one of the main types of additional services of the company is insurance.

We work with one of the largest and most reliable insurance companies in Moldova – “MOLDCARGO”

Insurance – is the mechanism by which the Orderer (insured) gives away the financial impact of risk and translates it to the insurance company (insurer).

  • Truck insurance is a reliable way to minimize the risks associated with the use and owning of trucks and maintain an uninterrupted business connected with the delivery of goods.
  • Cargo insurance – is a property insurance that is applied to protect the goods from transport risks (damage, loss, destruction of cargo) during the transportation from the shipper to consignee in different ways of transport either in multimodal or mixed (combined) transport.
  • CMR insurance – is an insurance of the carrier liability for the shipment, written in the consignment note CMR with the stamp of the carrier. In case the carrier with the CMR-insurance, is not guilty in cargo damage, your claim must be addressed to a third person, which is culpable. If you have a separate cargo insurance policy, the insurance company is obliged to compensate cargo damage, and then deal with your carrier or a third party.

Liability insurance for carriers and shippers includes:

1. Liability for loss, loss or damage to property caused by:
– accidents and dangers during transportation;
– non-observance of the rules for the carriage of goods;
– explosions or fire;
– collapse of bridges;
– incidents during loading, unloading or reloading;
– illegal actions of third parties. 2. Liability for losses and financial costs caused by:
– the issue of goods is contrary to the provisions on withholding of issue;
– untimely delivery of goods;
– incorrect shipment of goods;
– incorrect filling of transport documents. 3. Liability to third parties who have suffered damage from the transported or stored goods, if the damage is related to:
– loss or damage to assets of third parties;
– injury, death, injury or illness of third parties.

The insurer’s liability begins from the moment the insured receives the goods for shipment or transportation and lasts until the goods are delivered to the recipient. This type of insurance is usually concluded for a period of one year. The amount of insurance premium can vary widely and depends on the range of goods transported, the vehicles used, the countries through which the goods pass, the limits of liability and a number of other factors.


Green card

The Green Card is a third party liability policy that covers damage caused to another person as a result of a car accident. The policy is a confirmation of the responsibility of the car owner for damage caused to the life, health and property of other participants in the accident. The Green Card is valid only outside the country in which it was issued. In fact, this document is the equivalent of OSAGO issued in the country of visit. In addition, in many European countries, the lack of a Green Card is the reason for heavy fines or may even be the reason for the arrest of the driver.

In the Republic of Moldova, you can purchase three types of the Green Card, which differ in terms of scope:
Zone I: Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus;
Zone II: Ukraine, Belarus and Russia;
Zone III: The rest of the states that have joined the Green Card system.
For example, if the trip will take place only through the territory of Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus, you can purchase a policy for zone I with the lowest cost.

The limits of liability are determined in accordance with the legislation of the country in which the insured risk takes place. The accident must be certified by the local administrative authorities of the host country and the necessary documents must be signed. The amount of compensation depends on the geographic area for which the Green Book is issued and on the type of vehicle. Also important are transport capacity, insurance period, number of persons transported and a number of other factors.

The insured must carefully keep the Green Card, because in case of damage, loss or theft, duplicates are not issued, and in such cases the insurance company ceases to be liable for the damage caused.

The Insured has the right to return the Green Card to the insurer by presenting a document confirming the cancellation of the trip. The return of the “Green Card” is possible only before the day of its entry into force.

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