An efficient transport company is not only a car park, or a repair technical center, but also a modern car wash, which allows to ensure a smooth process of washing cars qualitatively and in time.

Our car wash provides customers with high quality services, reducing the risk of exposure to the car paint of negative factors (action of abrasive particles of dirt and dust damage when using sponges, brushes, etc. p.) thanks to the use of professional equipment.

Best car care products plus the professionalism and skill of our staff is a guarantee of quality for the service of your vehicles.

Among other similar companies our car wash is better due to the following factors:

  • availability of high-quality and modern specialized equipment
  • competent and polite staff
  • the use of high-quality Italian autochemistry
  • affordable prices

Registration in advance on the telephone number: +373 698 01 505

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Monday-Friday: 9:00-18:00

+373 22 46-03-06

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Moldova, Chisinau

st. Doina 195

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