Tilt –trailer freight transport; Road train with trailer- 116 m3

Vehicle size:

Truck length 6,4 m, width 2.48 m, height 3,0м.- 47,5 m3 – up to 5,50 tones.

Trailer length 9,0 m, width 2,48 m, height 3,07 m- 68,5 m3 – up to 15,00 tones.

The conditions for ordering such freight transport:

The convenience and mobility of the truck allows three options for loading/unloading: top, sides and back.

The truck can carry out a wide variety of light and voluminous goods:

textiles, cotton wool, upholstery, sandwich panels, insulation materials and other goods.To request shipping cost, you may contact our office or fill out a request on our site.

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