FTL is an abbreviation for the English Full Truck Load or Full Trailer Load – you can translate as “fully loaded truck”. FTL in freight logistics is a truck fully loaded and oftenly we use the expression: “whole transportation machines” or “general cargo”.

You will benefit from FTL freight transport if the volume of your cargo, allows you to load a whole truck. The advantage of this way of transport is the shortest delivery time and the ability to change the route according to your wishes.

A truck with an eurostandard tilt-trailer is designed for standard international cargo transportation on long-haul and medium-haul distances. This type of transport is the most popular for all directions of transport.

A tilt-trailer is very useful as a means of loading/unloading (top, side, back) and the ability to carry a wide variety of goods: industrial and household goods, hardware, building materials, cars and even dangerous goods ADR.

Delivery of goods under FTL is more advantageous in cases where the volume of goods allows the truck to be fully filled. This is one of the fastest delivery methods to the recipient. In a single truck we can transport up to 24 tons (gross) of cargo or 33 euro pallets. However, it must be borne in mind that in some countries there are restrictions on a number of parameters of the goods transported.