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Freight transport

TRANSFRIGO SRL realizes international freight transport in Europe by "DOOR to DOOR" technique. Among the countries to which we regularly carry out cargoes are: Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Great Britain, Russia and Ukraine.


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Car repair

Trucks of the new generation are the most complex technological vehicles, that can serve for a long period of time if they will be used correctly by competent drivers. These machines do not suffer neglect, and they require maintenance and repair from time to time.

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Storage services

We organize not only transport services and cargo handling, but also the distribution of goods in the warehouse and consolidation of groupage cargoes in Italy.



Providing transport services, the company "TRANSFRIGO" SRL aims to protect its clients from all material risks. Therefore, one of the main types of additional services of the company is insurance.

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Car wash

An efficient transport company is not only a car park, or a repair technical center, but also a modern car wash, which allows to ensure a smooth process of washing cars qualitatively and in time.